About Us


Our Music...

Influenced by artists such as Stevie Wonder, Bob Dylan, Billy Joel and The Beatles, we have a unique sound that comes through all of our music. Our roots reside deep in R&B/Soul and Folk music, blending together and contributing to our original music as well as our arrangements.


Our Brotherly Bond...

Being brothers has brought us through all of life's ups and downs together, forming an unbreakable bond between the two of us. Though our experiences together have greatly strengthened our friendship, the most significant benefit has come to our growth in music together, forming a unique and special musical telepathy between us.


Our Love For The Craft...

The two of us share a love for music that has developed into the most important part of our lives. We love to perform, we love to create, we love to listen, and we love to make an impact in the hearts and souls of others. Music has provided us with a purpose, and we hope to provide you with emotion through our purpose.